Proven tracked record of several websites and web applications developed - Native PHP or Frameworks (Yii2, Symfony, Laravel) - Strong experience with Laravel


MySQL - API driven development - Scripting - Recurring tasks automation


Bootstrap - JavaScript, JQuery - Vue.js

Everyday tools

Git - AWS - OVH Cloud - Laravel Forge - APIs: GoCardless, MailGun, OVH, PayPal, Stripe, VATLayer...


Lead Developer, Founder (Current)

BlueRockTEL is a SaaS solution designed to help Telecom and Cloud companies to charge efficiently and automatically their services (xDSL accesses, VoIP lines and cloud services). I started BlueRockTEL as a bespoke software solution for a customer back in 2013. The solution has been selected on OVH marketplace in July 2017 and then I decided to found a specific company for this project. BlueRockTEL won Enterprise Ireland Competitive Start Fund in 2018 Fintech call.
From a technical point of view, BlueRockTEL is a significant project. Built in PHP with Laravel framework, the solution is connected to several third party APis (Telecom providers, Stripe, GoCardless...) and exposes its own.

BlueRock Research & Development

Developer, Project Manager, Consultant (Current)

I offer consultancy and bespoke software development through my company BlueRock Research & Development. Most of my clients are in the IT sector. Some examples of recent development works: a Project Management system (Agile/Scrum) for a team of 20+ engineers - a bespoke e-commerce solution for cloud instances and software stacks - a custom solution for managing 4000+ customers, websites and domain names with automatic renewal on OVH Api - a ticketing desk application.
Not only a developer, but also a manager and a trainer, I consider every project as an opportunity to positively transform the way my clients work and to encourage change.

Audreco Formation

Developer and Managing Director (2000-2012)

Audreco was involved in vocational training and e-Learning, with 3 schools in France (Lille, Lyon, Paris) and a call centre in Dublin for sales and customer service operations. I was managing 20 people over the 4 locations.
From a technical point of view: responsible for the management system for the company as well as the learning management system used by the students. That included: online subscription, automatic billing, automatic curriculums creation, restricted access to audio and video learning material, testing with automatic marking and online support.

More about me


Fields of expertise

Billing, payment solutions and credit control - Telecom and VoIP - Project Management - Management - Training and E-Learning



M.A. Master of contemporary literature (University Paris Ouest Nanterre) - Laureate of the "Concours Général des Lycées" : French Composition


Other Professional Involvements

Member of the Dublin Chamber of Commerce - Member of the Marketing Institute of Ireland - Former administrator of the French professional body for vocational training (FFP), founder and president of a committee about innovation, multimedia and distance learning



Member of Dublin Lions Club, in charge of fundraising and food appeal - Charter member and past president of a Club in France - 2019/2011: in charge of the food appeal for 'East of Paris' District, increasing the collection from 150 to 250 T within 3 years